The Company CAD-ING

Our company’s area of work is the production of project documentation in construction projects, structural projects, proofs of mechanical resistance and structural stability, detailed designs of formwork and rebar, as well as plans of steel and timber structures.

In almost twenty-five years of our work, we have achieved long and successful cooperation with many domestic and foreign partners in various projects. The extensive experience that we have gained, good references and mutual satisfaction are a guarantee of those qualities that we are ready to offer you, as our potential future business partners.

At the moment we have three employees and as such we are highly flexible and adaptable to different needs and requirements.

Basic information

The company CAD-ING was founded in 1995 and it was registered at the Commercial Court in Varaždin under MBS 070002563. Its core business is engineering and related technical consulting (NKD 71.12).

Director Vedad Dračić represents the company independently, individually and without restrictions.

From its inception until today, the company has never been blocked and it has never had outstanding obligations to suppliers or the state.

Kindness, professionalism and efficiency are the basis on which the trust between us and our customers is built for years. Special attention is always paid to all your suggestions and questions.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.